My Wi-Fi Tool Kit

I’ve always been curious what tools other wireless engineers use and how they have them setup.  So I figure I’ll start by sharing my setup   =)

Software wise I’ve been blessed by my employer to have access to the assortment I do. Hardware wise its a mixture of employer and me taking things into my own hands.




-Ekahau Site Survey

-Metageek Chanalyzer

-Savvius OmniPeek

-AirMagnet Survey Pro

-AirMagnet Wifi Analyzer

-AirMagnet Spectrum XT



-Flashlight + Recharging Station (Super bright and amazing focus ability)

-Laser Pointer + Recharging Station (Easily seen in full daylight and goes miles)

-Laser Measure (Up to 120 feet distance)

-BUBM Case (For adapters – thanks! @grcate for the idea)

-Connect-A-Desk Harness (Makes survey work much easier)

-2 Proxim USB Cards (Survey)

-2 Hawking HD45U USB Cards (Sniffing)

-1 NetgearA6200 USB Card (Sniffing – thanks! @StevieWireless)

-1 Wi-Spy 950x Card (Spectrum)

-1 Wi-Spy DBx Card (Spectrum)

-Spectrum XT USB Card (Spectrum)

-GlobalSat BU-353S4 (Outdoor GPS Surveys)

-2TB USB 3.0 Storage Drive (I backup everything I do each day)

-Pineapple Nano (More of a fun project tool, and still learning how to use)

-Hardhat + Rechargeable LED Headlamp (Construction zones etc.)

-Safety Vest (totally worth it)

**Spectrum Box** (Future blog post incoming for this one…)

20160421_20382820160421_203940 20160421_204037 20160421_204150




Hope you enjoyed this quick blog post


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