Spectrum Analysis Kit


I have been wanting to make this Spectrum Analysis Kit for a while now, and finally put one together. First and foremost, inspiration for this idea came from Nick Turner (@nickjvturner) via a blog post of his from last year which you can read here. The reasons for this ‘upgrade’ are simple. The Metageek Wi-Spy dBx adapter simply does not have enough resolution to really see whats going on with the spectrum. There is no sign of a future Cognio based USB adapter, so the only real alternative right now is to use the CleanAir functionality that Metageek Chanalyzer offers.

So lets take a look at the parts needed and just how much of an improvement is made…

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Remote Wireless Troubleshooting

A few months back I had to troubleshoot a wireless issue that was about a thousand miles away. Luckily I have at my disposal two fantastic tools for such troubleshooting scenarios.


Both tools allow me to utilize a Cisco Access Point remotely (Chanalyzer requiring a CleanAir capable AP) in order to troubleshoot wireless issues from a L1 and L2 perspective. So here is a quick blog on how to use both tools.

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