Meraki’s Mesh Mess

When I first heard about Meraki years ago, one of the coolest features I saw that the access points supported was automagic Mesh Routing. I was a little more naive back then so I didn’t pay it much attention, and technically speaking it is still a cool feature. However, with it being a feature, one would think that it could be disabled, but I found out that it can’t be disabled. Ever…apparently. Now this might not seem like a big deal (and maybe it isn’t), but I’m a stickler for how I want my wireless to operate.


Follow me along on this quick adventure of how I discovered this, and why I don’t like it. ^_^

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Meraki – RF Falsehoods?

I’ve dabbled with Meraki over the years, but I’ve been working almost exclusively with their wireless gear for the past 6 months. It’s safe to say I’ve become very familiar with the Dashboard and everything it has to offer. While some may argue that Meraki is or is not ‘enterprise worthy’ (no comment), overall it is a product that I enjoy working with for its simplicity, but also have come to occasionally want to shake my fist at for its lack of fine tuning that I’m accustom to with Cisco controllers.


Recently I stumbled across something I found when looking at the RF reporting feature, that made me curious enough to investigate and search for clues.  ❤

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